Seitz & Sepinwall: Anthology of TV History, Due 2016

I’m pleased to announce that HitFix TV critic Alan Sepinwalland I are writing a book together. It’s an anthology-reference book, as yet untitled, collecting essays on the most significant TV programs in the medium’s history. It will be published by Grand Central Publishing in 2016. All the material will be original.

A New York Times story about the book is here.

The book came about because, like a lot of critics who’ve done this job for a while, we often get asked to recommend shows that will give people a sense of the medium’s history and artistic development. It’s a big medium that tends toward serial storytelling, so it’d be hard to cherry-pick even if significant titles didn’t run for hours, or tens of hours, or days. So we decided to create a book of individual essays on specific series—sitcoms, dramas, miniseries and other formats—that had a profound impact on TV as both business and art form, the better to help people make those viewing choices and maybe inform the experience. The press release is below.

I should also say parenthetically that Alan is one of the very best collaborators I’ve ever had. We used to write a column at the Star-Ledger titled All TV (a rather fashion-hideous mugshot is above) that was truly collaborative. I wrote some items, Alan wrote others, and still others we’d write together, with one of us sitting at the keyboard while the other guy paced and yammered. We were looking for a project that would give us an excuse to do that again, and lo and behold, years later, here we are. 

Read about my next book at RogerEbert.com.

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